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Shinmei FOODS USA Rice bun factory

Shinmei FOODS USA Rice bun factory
Shinmei FOODS USA Rice bun factory
Shinmei FOODS USA Rice bun factory

The Rice bun factory in West Sacramento, California is the first factory in the U.S.A from Shinmei Groups built with a tilt up concrete construction method, and began operation October 2015 containing 28,255 square feet of manufacturing and office space. Shinmei Foods USA purchased 271,684 square feet for future expansion. The location in West Sacramento was selected, because it is a city in Yolo county where is agriculturally prosperous from rice farming.

Shinmei Foods USA, West Sacramento manufacturing factory, originally started producing four types of rice buns on the production line, White rice, Brown rice, Brown rice and Quinoa, and Brown rice with Teriyaki flavor packed in six SKUs including Shinmei USA’s brands, Rice versa and Brown rice snacks. Some of our products are Gluten free, Non-GMO, Organic, Whole grain, and Vegan for needs of consumers.

The factory is designed to produce 6,000 buns per hour on one production line with the latest energy efficient equipment from Japanese manufacturers to meet our standard and consumer demand in quality and quantity. It is also capable for an additional production line, total two production lines. Furthermore, by expanding a portion of this factory, two more lines, four lines in total, are operationally possible.

One of our priorities is to produce safe and high quality food. Rice is very sensitive to temperature and humidity. These conditions are monitored daily and operational settings are precisely adjusted at cooking process. We put our efforts to provide the high quality of products to consumers with a large scale of continuous rice cooking system. To produce food safe product, we carefully monitor and control our operation. In near future, we are planning to GMP certified by a 3rd party and eventually certified by SQF.

Shinmei FOODS USA Rice bun factory
Shinmei FOODS USA Rice bun factory
Shinmei FOODS USA Rice bun factory

Shinmei Foods Opens First U.S. Plant In West Sacramento

Shinmei Foods Opens First U.S. Plant In West Sacramento

Posted on August 13, 2015 WEST SACRAMENTO CITY iLIGHTS

Shinmei Foods of Japan has opened its first U.S. food production facility in West Sacramento. Shinmei constructed the 28,000 square foot plant to produce its gluten-free rice patties using rice grown in the Sacramento Valley. Located on a six acre site in the city’s Southport Business Park, Shinmei’s initial work force numbers 20 employees based in production, sales and administration. Shinmei’s opening continues to accent West Sacramento’s key strategic position as a leader in the region’s global food hub industry.

Shinmei USA President Mitsuzo Fujio and West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon spoke during the grand opening ceremony, Aug. 12, 2015.



1902 Establishment
1950 October Established Kobe Seimai Co., Ltd.
1951 February Registered as a major food wholesaler
(Products: rice, wheat, wheat flour)
1957 January Started trading of sugar, feed, edible oil and chemical seasoning
August Construction of a new office building
in Kobe Ikuta-ku Kaigandori 6-4
1971 February Headquarters completed (November 1993 closure)
1972 April Company name changed to SHINMEI Co.,LTD.
1977 October Hanshin factory completed (land 3,493㎡)
1985 March Kobe factory completed (March 2012 closure)
1986 October Construction of Hanshin rack warehouse
in the Hanshin distribution center
1989 October Addition of a warehouse in the Hanshin distribution center
1993 November Nishinomiya Hamakita factory completed (land 3,582㎡)
1995 October Establishment of Shinmei Western Ltd.
1996 April Establishment of Shinmei Eastern Ltd.
May Construction of Japan's first brown rice silos on adjacent land to Nishinomiya Hamakita Factory (storage capacity 4,140t)
July Tokyo liaison office (now Tokyo headquarters) opened
1998 March Fukuoka factory started operation (July 2004 closure)
April Kyushu Branch Opening
December Completion of Nishinomiyahama Minami factory on adjacent land to Nishinomiya Hamakita factory (land 2,702㎡)
2000 March Kanto factory completed (land 20,156㎡)
December Construction of Saitama brown rice silos inside of Kanto Plant (storage capacity 2,520t)
2001 September Transfer the headquarters office to 6-1-21
Sakaemachidori, Chuo-ku, Kobe
2003 April Shinmei Eastern Ltd. merged with Shinmei Western Ltd.,
changed its name to Shinmei Shoji Corporation
November Expansion of Saitama brown rice silo (storage capacity total 4,140t)
December Establishment of Shinmei Matai Ltd.
2004 February Transferred Tokyo branch to 2-6-7 Motoasakusa Taito-ku, Tokyo
July Transferred Kyushu branch office to 6-8
Wakasa Fujiki-cho Tosu, Saga
Kyushu Plant completed (land 11,442㎡)
Construction of Kyushu brown rice silo (storage capacity 4,140t)
October Tohoku sales office opened
2005 January Tokyo Chuo Syokuryo Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary
June Establishment of SHINMEI LOGISTICS Co.,LTD.
2007 April Merged Nishinomiya Hamakita factory and
Nishinomiyahama south plant and named Nishinomiyahama factory
May Establishment of Shinmei farm Co., Ltd.
November Establishment of WOOKE CO .,LTD.
2008 March Construction of Shinmei Nihonbashi building
Transfer Tokyo headquarters to16-15 Koamichou Chuo-ku, Tokyo
May Construction of Nishinomiyahama warehouse
2009 February Merged with Shinmei Shouji Co., Ltd.
March Inheritance of Tokyo factory (land 7,670㎡) and
its business from the Shinmei Matai Corporation
April Company name changed from Tokyo Chuo Syokuryo Co., Ltd.
October Central Liaison Office(current Central office) opened
2010 April Capital and business tie-up with Mitsubishi Corporation
June WOOKE CO.,LTD. became SQF2000
(SQF: Safe Quality Food) certified
2011 November Establishment of SHINMEI U.S.A CORPORATION
Construction of Chiba rack warehouse
2012 February Establishment of CHENGDU SAKAEMACHI FOOD Co,LTD.
April Hiroshima sales office opened
May Capital and business tie-up with GENKI SUSHI CO.,LTD.
Business tie-up with Gourmet Kineya Co., Ltd.
August Nishinomiyahama factory became OHSAS 18001
(Occupational Health and Safety Management System) certified
December Chushikoku factory completed (land 5,430㎡)
Transfer the Hiroshima office
2013 April Establishment of Shinmei Asia Co., Ltd
Transferred SHINMEI SEIMAI Co., LTD. headquarters
to Shinmei building 6-1-21 Sakaemachidori Chuo-ku, Kobe
Completion of expanded line for aseptically packaged cooked rice production at WOOKE CO.,LTD.
July Chushikoku factory became FSSC22000 certified
December Completion of Fuji Gotemba plant (land 6,061㎡)
2014 January Establishment of Shinmei Agri Innovation Co., Ltd.
April Company name changed to SHINMEI Co.,LTD.
SHINMEI Co.,LTD. started business as rice sales subsidiary
June Fuji Gotemba plant became FSSC22000 certified
December Comex Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary
2015 April SHINMEI AGRI Co., LTD. started business as rice sales subsidiary
SHINMEI Co.,LTD. started to function as a company due to business reorganization
Company name changed from Comex Co. Ltd. to SHINMEI DELICA Co., LTD.
June GENKI SUSHI CO.,LTD. became a subsidiary
August Completion of frozen rice factory in West Sacramento, California
October Started the retail business , "the rice place 4th president Masu-ya"
November Tokyo factory and Kyushyu factory became FSSC22000
(FSSC:Food Safety System Certification) certified
2016 September Kanto factory , Nishinomiyahama facory and Hanshin factory became FSSC22000
October Merged with SHINMEI Co.,LTD. ,rice sales subsidiary
Company name changed to SHINMEI Co.,LTD.

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